Technical Information

The following specifications are included in standard hire of the Brenton Langbein Theatre.
Please note that additional items nominated in the Additional Technical Hire section will be charged at the specified rates.

Brenton Langbein Theatre Information

Stage Dimensions

• Proscenium Height: 5.3 metres
• Grid height: 11.7 metres
• Stage Width: 14 metres at Proscenium

Stage Depth

• House Curtain to cyclorama – 7 metres
• House Curtain to rear wall – 11 metres
• Front of stage to rear wall – 13 metres
• Front of apron lift stage to rear wall –16 metres

Stage Wing Dimensions

• Prompt side: 6 metres x 8metres
• Off prompt side: 7 metres x 8 metres

House Curtain

The House curtain is a two-piece burgundy velour curtain with 100% fullness. The curtain is flown on a dedicated C/W set and may be used as a manual activated drop or be traversed electrically.

Stage Drapes

• 4 pairs Black Legs, Velour 6200mm x 3500mm wide with fullness
• 2 Black Borders, Velour 3000mm x 17600mm wide (three extras available at no extra cost)
• 2 sets Black Traveler Tabs, Velour 6200mm x 17600mm wide
• 1 cyclorama cloth, seamless cotton, off white 6200mm x 17600mm wide

Lift Stage

The stage features a mechanical lift stage that can be set at any height selected. Pre-set levels:
• stage level
• assembly level
• auditorium level
• orchestra pit level

The lift-stage surface consists of a polished wood floor.
Fly Tower – Stage Counterweight System
The steel wall frame accommodates 35 counterweight sets on 200mm centres, lines not available are 9, 14, 16, 24, 31. 6 pickups per batten, 6mm galvanized steel cable. Pipe battens are 48.3mm OD galvanized steel, 17.6m long. Batten travel is 11.5m.
Load per batten is 350kg maximum (450kg maximum for LX 1,2,3)

Vertical Lifter

(Must have a current VL Yellow Card)
Green Room / Dressing rooms 2 x toilets
1 x Shower
2 x small dressing rooms (max. 2 people each)
2 x large dressing rooms (max. 20 people each)
Green Room with fridge, iron, microwave, kettle and free WIFI.

Scene dock door

Height 3400 mm x Width 2100 mm

Standard Technical Hire Information

Audio Mixer

• 1 x Sound Craft si-1
*mixing position is located at the rear of stalls.
Amplifiers FOH
• 2 Crest VS900 (2 SUBS)
• 1 QSC Mx2000a (2 SUBS)
Speakers FOH
• (FOH) 6 x Turbo Sound NUQ 12p
• (FOH) 4 x Tannoy subs Vs15HL
Fold back
• 4 x Quest QSA300

Direct inputs

• 3x ARX DI boxes
• 4x DBX DI boxes
• 3x Phonic Active DI


• 10 x Shure SM58 (vocal)
• 4 x Shure SM57 (instrument)
• 2 x AKG D112 dynamic mics (bass)
• 2 x AKG C1000s (choir)
• 2 x Shure SLX4 SM58 radio (hand held)
• 2 x Audio Technica AT4050/CM5 (Condenser)
• 12 x Mic stands


• 1 x Australian monitor 2 Disc CD/USB player
• 2 x laptops

Stage Box

• 16 inputs / 4 outputs direct to backstage OP


Control Desk
• 1 x PRG V27 (lighting operator required)
Dimmer Racks
• 48 Dimmers (Front of House)
• 120 Dimmers (Back Stage)
• 2 x DMX Loops
• 6 x Four color1000W Cyclorama floods
• 12 x 15-28 deg Pacific 1kw profiles (bridge 2)
• 12 x 2kw 19 – 32 deg Cadenza profiles (bridge 2)
• 12 strand T64 – 20 deg profiles (bridge 1)
• 24 x 1200W PC (2 color wash above stage)
• 12 x MAC 700 Wash (color wash above stage)

Audio - Visual

Projection Facilities
• 1 x Hitachi 8000 lumens projector with 6m wide x 3.4m high rear projection screen located middle front of stage
• 2 x Epson EB-G6350NL 7000 lumens projector with 2 x (2.4m wide x 3.2m high) screens located at rear of stage


For all Events/Performances there will be 1x Venue Technician, 1x Front of House Manager and 1x Box Office staff on duty, these are charged at additional cost to the hirer.

Full Technical information is available to download
Technical Information.pdf

If you require additional Technical information please email Us

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