Creative Workshop Series

Inspiration. Imagination. Invention.

We all know how important the Arts are. COVID -19 left us bereft of live music, theatre, stand-up comedy, exhibitions, group singing and more. It highlighted how central artistic expression, experience and community collaboration is to human wellbeing. Determined to do something about this, particularly for the young people of our community, a new kind of laboratory was born - ArtsLAB - an exciting new initiative coming to life in the Barossa Arts Centre.

ArtsLAB is a unique laboratory environment where investigating, creating, experimenting, testing, trialling, and exploring occurs… but focused purely on the Arts. ArtsLAB’s after-school workshop series will offer unique, creative, industry-based Arts experiences for school-aged people from our community and beyond. New workshops will be available each school term with a focus on Arts experiences that are generally not found in the school curriculum. It will be a place where young people can join forces to be inspired, experiment, discover, collaborate, and innovate in a safe and professional environment. It will be a space that stretches imagination, creativity, skills, the mind and sometimes body…a space where participants might experience unique art forms they have never encountered before, or familiar art forms in an imaginatively different way.


There are currently no planned events.

Enquiries please phone Barossa Arts Centre on 08 8561 4299

Updated on 28/7/2021

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